Get an account with an exchange broker to Mozambique
Getting an account with an online exchange broker is the first step to arranging a money transfer to Mozambique. Setting up such an account is quite simple and straightforward and you should have all the relevant information to hand. If there is any issue with your account you will be contacted by someone from the online exchange brokerage company during the setup process. This means that you will be able to quickly and easily set up your new account and start transferring money to your recipient in Mozambique.

Define your recipient to Mozambique
When your account is up and running you need to define your recipient. Your recipient is the person who will be receiving the money in Mozambique. You need to make sure that you give all of the relevant details so that your transaction will be handled swiftly. Then it is time to arrange your currency transfer to Mozambique by sending the money to your recipient.

Send money to Mozambique
So once you have got an account and defined your recipient you need to choose the currency that you will be sending, in this case the New Metical (MZN). However if your recipient lives in the southern belt of Mozambique you could also send US dollars, a South African rand and Pounds Sterling as these are all accepted forms of currency that they will be able to spend. You can also take a look at the currency rate Mozambique currency is selling for at any time so that you know how much money your recipient should be receiving.

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