Direct bank transfers
Direct bank to bank transfers were once the only really secure way to arrange a currency transfer to Mayotte. Today however many people find that this takes far too long and is not the best method. However, if you want your transaction to be secure or this is one method that you should certainly bear in mind, if your recipient does not mind waiting for five days for his or her money.

Instant online transfers
Instant online transfers are an incredibly popular way to get money to someone in another country. When it comes to the currency that Mayotte recipients will need you need to select Euros when you are arranging your transfer. You should also check the currency rate Mayotte money, the Euro is being exchanged at as this can vary on a day-to-day basis. As with a bank to bank transfer an online transfer is very secure and anyone using this method can rest assured that their recipient will get their money without any problems.

Methods to avoid
In some cases a person might want to send Euros directly to their recipient in cash. This is certainly not recommended of money can easily go missing in the post. Similarly travellers cheque should also be avoided for the very same reason. Instead you should look towards a money transfer to Mayotte as a safe and secure means of getting money to your chosen recipient.

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