Online transfers are cheaper than bank to bank in Mauritius
You might not know this but online transfers via an exchange broker are much cheaper than bank to bank transfers. Often bank to bank transfers have hidden fees are many people are not aware of until they complete a money transfer to Mauritius. So if you want to keep your fees very low you should look towards a method of transfers that helps you to avoid them.

Foreign currency is expensive to exchange in Mauritius
The unit of currency that is used in Mauritius is the Mauritian rupee. While there are many places that you can exchange foreign currency into the Mauritian rupee it can be incredibly expensive. This means that your recipient will not get the amount of money that they initially expected. So once again to avoid fees you should look towards a currency transfer to Mauritius.

Send the Mauritian rupee directly to your recipient
To pay minimal fees you should send money via the internet to your recipient in Mauritius. While you are doing this you can take a look at the currency rate Mauritius is following. By doing this you can see how many Mauritian rupees you will be able to send to your recipient by converting your currency. You will not have to pay any fees to do this and the entire process just takes a few seconds. It is easy to find a currency converter if you are using an online exchange broker as they have these on their websites ready for you to use whenever you need to.

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