Banks are closed on Fridays and Saturdays in Mauritania
Banks in Mauritania close on Fridays and Saturdays and while your recipient will know this, it is possible that you will not. So rather than send a bank to bank transfer to your recipient you should think about an online transfer as they will be able to access their money much easier. You can also check the currency rate Mauritania money the Mauritanian Ouguiya is being exchanged at.

Exchanging money on the black market is illegal in Mauritania
Another fact that you should know is that exchanging money on the black market is illegal. There are many illegal street exchanges that will try to get your recipient to exchange currency there. To avoid this you should transfer money to Mauritania in Mauritanian Ouguiya, that way your recipient will have the right currency and they will not have to think about exchanging it anywhere. If you want to make life easier for your recipient make sure that you send the right money and not your own currency.

Traveller’s cheques have limited use in Mauritania
Many people will think that sending travellers cheques to their recipient is the safest and best way to get money to them. However traveller’s cheques have limited use in Mauritania and any traveller’s cheques that are in any currency apart from US dollars will attract high fees during the exchange. As you would think it makes much better financial sense to arrange a money transfer to Mauritania and help your recipient to save themselves high fees that travellers cheques attract.

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