Arranging a Wire Transfer to Malaysia
You should always compare the options that are available to transfer money to Malaysia. Banks offer wire transfer facilities that are reliable and safe. The details of the recipient’s bank account should be given to your bank. Check if the funds are made available in their account to ensure a successful money transfer transaction.

The wire transfer charges have to be borne by both the sender and the recipient. Banks usually charge a constant fee irrespective of the amount involved.

Convenient Method of Transferring Money to Malaysia
Money transfer to Malaysia is made easier with the introduction of the prepaid card that can be loaded with cash by you. The card can be send to the recipient who can use it at any ATM to withdraw the money required by him at any point of time.

The need to carry around cash is reduced by this card making it safe for the recipient. You can deposit the additional funds as and when required by your recipient making it a convenient method of currency transfer to Malaysia.

Drawing Money Orders to Malaysia
You also transfer money by way of money orders or cashier’s cheques. The fund in your bank account is used to make a cashier’s cheque from your bank. This can be mailed to the recipient with a mail carrying service. You will be given a tracking number which will enable you to get the confirmation on its delivery.

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