Why not send travellers cheques to Libya?
People are advised against sending travellers cheques to Libya because Libya is a cash society and travellers cheques cannot be exchanged. This means that if you send travellers cheques they would be virtually useless as the recipient would not be able to exchange them. However if you arrange a money transfer to Libya you can be assured that your recipient will get their money when they need it. Sending travellers cheques would mean that your recipient would not be able to cash them, so they would not be able to access their funds.

Send the right currency to Libya
It is important that you send the right currency when you transfer money to Libya. Libya's unit of currency is the Libyan dinar (LYD) so this is a currency that you will need to select when completing your transfer. You should also check the currency rate Libya money is being traded at so you will know exactly how much money your recipient should be expecting. Checking the most recent currency rate is free and you can do this whenever you like before you send money to your recipient.

Are there many ATM’s in Libya?
There are quite a few ATM’s in Libya but many of them are not trusted. This means that many people will avoid taking money out at ATMs as they are not sure that they will be using one that is safe and secure. You can be sure of security when you arrange a currency transfer to Libya as this will be sent directly to your recipient.

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