Banks can take too long to transfer money to Liberia
If you have always used banks whenever you have needed to send money to Liberia you will know how long a transaction can take. In most cases the recipient will have to wait five days before they can access their money. Unfortunately for many people this is far too long and this can be where problems can occur. So rather than use a bank to bank transfer why not think about an online currency transfer to Liberia?

US dollars in Liberia
You may have heard that US dollars are used in Liberia and this is true. So you can choose between sending the Liberian unit of currency, the Liberian dollar (LRD) or US dollars when you arrange a money transfer to Liberia. One way to decide which currency to use is to ask your recipient which one they would prefer. They will have a much better idea of which currency is preferentially in their country, so take their advice and send a currency that they request.

Currency rates in Liberia
While you are arranging your transfer you can find out the currency rate Liberia money is following on any particular day. It doesn't matter when you choose to send your money, the currency rate will always affect the amount that your recipient receives. Use a free online currency converter, which will be available via your online exchange broker, and see how much currency your recipient will get. Once you have found this out you can then tell your recipient how much they should expect to receive after you have completed the transfer.

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