The currency that you can conduct transfers in Kaliningrad?
Kaliningrad is a part of the Russian exclave and therefore the official currency is the Russian Rouble. Money transfer to Kaliningrad is best done in this currency. However it can also be done in US Dollars for convenience.

Transfers through the banking system in Kaliningrad?
The conventional banking system is the best way to transfer money to Kaliningrad. Every bank here will offer its customers the facility or receiving money from abroad either through their bank account or in person at their counters. As a sender all you have to do is wire the money through your bank account in person or through an online banking process. The bank charges differ with each bank. The recipient might also be charged a fee. Once again, this will depend on bank that is being used and the amount of money that is being received. Not all banks will allow withdrawals in US Dollars.

Currency transfer through other means in Kaliningrad.
Another safe option that you can explore for currency transfer to Kaliningrad is to use money transfer companies or agents. Well known transfer companies operate worldwide and a lot of them are connected to banks all over the world. In fact most banks have a separate counter for an external money transfer company. While this option might cost a bit more, its biggest advantage is the fact that the recipient can collect the money in as little as 10 minutes. The recipient also does not need to have a bank account.

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