Money Transfer through Banks in Japan
One of the most commonly used method to send money to Japan is by availing the wire transfer facilities available at your bank. The banks charge both you and the recipient for the use of this service. In the case of traveling abroad, it is not wise to carry your currency that has to be exchanged to the Japanese Yen on arrival as the exchange rate will be high. The currency conversion takes place at the existing currency rate of Japan.

Availability of Money Transfer Facilities in Japan
Money transfer to Japan has become convenient and safe due to the presence of reputed money transfer organisations worldwide. Any foreign currency requirements will be handled by these organisations, thus ensuring that money transfer services are easily available for Japanese people working overseas. The foreign currency service provider offers personalised services which will prove beneficial to you. But mind you, the currency transfer to Japan by this medium does not come cheap.

Selecting the Financial Avenue in Japan
Deciding the financial provider to be adopted depends entirely on you. Make the recipient aware by which mode you are transferring the money to them. Wire transfer through a credit card or a bank account is considered the fastest way to transfer the funds. So this method can be used in an emergency situation. All services will have their good side as well as bad side. If the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of a method that suits your requirements, then it is better to finalise on that one.

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