The Rates of Exchange Will Change Daily
To start with you need to be aware that the rates of exchange for the Jamaican dollar will change on a daily basis. So make sure you use an online exchange broker who will be able to let you know the currency rate Jamaica is offering for Jamaican dollars. The sign for the Jamaican dollar is JMD. Many online providers also offer a free currency converter on their website, so you can check this out yourself at your own leisure. By checking the currency rates you can opt to transfer money to recipients in Jamaica when the rate is good.

Use a Cambio
You might want to complete a currency transfer to Jamaica by sending travellers cheques to your recipient. If this is the case you should advise your recipient to exchange their travellerÂ’s cheques at a Cambio. Cambios are currency exchanges and they are to be found in larger towns and airports.

Look for ATMs with secure booths
Maybe you are thinking of completing a money transfer to Jamaica which will give your recipient of funds in a matter of moments. If so you should advise your recipient to only use ATMs that have secure booths. These are the recommended type of ATM as they are much safer than wall mounted ATMs. Unfortunately crime is rife in parts of Jamaica so it is very important to be safety conscious at all times when exchanging or collecting money.

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