Transfer money quickly to Israel
As emergencies need dealing with as soon as possible you need to make sure that you have chosen the fastest way to transfer money to Israel. Knowing that your recipient will be able to access their money in just a few minutes is good news for the person who is arranging the money transfer to Israel. With this in mind many people opt to use an online exchange brokerage service as this is a very fast and straightforward way to get money to someone in a foreign country whenever they need it.

Avoid high fees to Israel
As with any kind of money transfer you will be anxious to avoid high fees when you send money to a recipient in Israel. Once again by choosing the right method you can cut out a lot of the added extras that are sometimes involved when arranging a currency transfer to Israel. The currency that is used in Israel is the new Israeli shekel (NIS). This is used everywhere, although it is possible to exchange foreign currency while in the country. To make sure you get a good rate on the exchange check the currency rate Israel currency is following online in minutes.

Other important issues in Israel
Anyone who plans on using a bank to exchange money in Israel needs to be aware that they will not be able to do this on a Sunday. As there is no world currency trade on Sundays in Israel you can expect to be charged up to 10 times the amount of commission when exchanging money on this day. Make sure that your recipient to avoid exchanging currency on Sundays.

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