Global Remittance Service to Indonesia
The finance specialists have money transfer organisations globally enabling you to do money transfer to Indonesia from abroad. Ensure that the organisation that you select to send money to Indonesia has a branch which your recipient can access easily.

This method is viable only if the recipient is able to receive the money from the branch in Indonesia. You are required to give your passport number to the office and on transferring the funds you are provided with a PIN number to be given to the beneficiary ensuring safety of the transaction.

The Economical Method to Indonesia
The most economical method to do currency transfer to Indonesia is by bank transfer. All methods charge a fee for transferring the money. The currency rate of Indonesia affects this fee and differs with each mode of transfer. Money transfer organisations normally charge a higher fee.
If monetary benefits are a priority for you, then it is best to go in for a bank transfer of funds. Banks usually charge a flat fee for a transaction irrespective of the amount, so if larger amounts have to be transferred then this is the most optimum method.

Withdrawal of Money with travel card in Indonesia
Using the prepaid card will be ideal for you, if you are sending money on a regular basis. The card has to be sent to the recipient initially after which you can keep adding the money required onto the card at any desired time. This card can used at any ATM location. The charges may vary depending on the card and the company.

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