Using postal cheques and the post office in Hungary
Postal cheques are a very popular way to receive money in and send money to Hungry. Post offices here work convenient hours, from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. There are more than 3200 branches all over the country. The post offices also offer major card holders cash facilities.

Using banking institutions in Hungary
Banks are another very popular way for money transfer to Hungry. Currency transfer is done through the branch in person. For this you will have to visit the bank during working hours. If this is not possible, some banks allow their customers the option of transferring money online, through the net banking process. The amount that is charged per transaction depends on the bank and the amount of money that is being transferred. The amount can be transferred to the recipient's bank account or he or she can collect it in person.

Transfer within Europe to Hungary
If you are located in a country within Europe but outside Hungary, currency transfer to Hungry is extremely economical. Almost all banks across Europe, allow customers to transfer funds to Hungary at the cost of local fund transfers. This is extremely beneficial as the fee that you will be paying will actually be negligible. If you are using this method, you can transfer the money in Euros.

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