Instant transfers
Today many people are in favour of an instant money transfer to Honduras. The most obvious reason for this being that the recipient gets the money virtually instantly. With no waiting period this method of sending money is not only fast it is also incredibly convenient. While you are completing an instant transfer you can also check the currency rate Honduras is currently offering for the lempiras.

Bank to bank transfers
Another method used to transfer money to Honduras is to use a bank to bank transfer. Unfortunately, transferring different currencies between banks is very time consuming. So unless your recipient does not mind waiting for up to a week for their currency it is best to avoid this method.

Credit cards that is pre-paid
Many countries now accept pre paid credit cards in their own currency and Honduras is no different. If you want a simple way to compete a currency transfer to Honduras is to send your recipient a prepaid credit card loaded with Honduran lempiras. This is the official currency of Honduras and you can load a prepaid credit card with this currency whenever you like. Sending a prepaid credit card through the mail is much safer than sending another currency in this method. For example many people have in the past sent US dollars in the mail to recipients in Honduras. This is due to the fact that many exchange houses will gladly exchange US dollars for Honduran lepmpiras - however this is the only foreign currency that is accepted for exchange in this way.

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