Use an Exchange Broker
One of the most secure ways to complete a money transfer to Haiti is to use an exchange broker. These are online companies that specialise in money transfers to foreign countries. In a matter of moments you can set up an account with an exchange broker and send money instantly to your chosen recipient in Haiti.

Never Send Currency Via the Mail
The currency Haiti use is known as the Gourde and it is represented by the letters HTG. However many shops and other establishments will also display prices in the Haitian dollar. In addition to this US dollars can also be used in some places. Due to this a lot of people are tempted to send currency via the mail. You need to be aware that this is a very unsafe method and should not be used as a means to send money to anyone in this country. Instead you should look towards a secure currency transfer to Haiti in the local currency.

Travellers Cheques Could Cause Problems
You might think that sending travellers cheques is one of the best ways to get money to someone in Haiti. In actual fact travellers cheques can cause a lot of problems as they are not many places to exchange them. In addition to this the currency rate Haiti dollars are exchanged for can be very low for currencies other than the American dollar. In order to make sure that your recipient can use travellerÂ’s cheques they need to be sent in US dollars.

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