Guatemalan Currency Converter
To help you to transfer money to Guatemala you will be able to use an online currency converter. All of the good exchange brokers should have this kind of tool located on their website. In order to work out how much Guatemalan quetzal you will get for your money you can enter the amount in your currency you wish to send and let the converter do the rest.

Money in Minutes
Completing a currency transfer to Guatemala is by far the fastest method of sending money to a chosen recipient in this country. You do not have to wait or have to fill in lots of documentation to complete your transfer. You can simply set up an account with an exchange broker and start transferring money right away. You can even check on the latest exchange rate by using a comparison tool online so that you know just how much money your recipient will be receiving in Guatemalan quetzal. To be able to send money to a recipient in minutes currency transfers are by far the best method.

Bank Transfers
Bank transfers used to be the main way that a person could send money to a recipient in Guatemala. This could take up to a week to complete and out of the currency rate Guatemala has changes on a daily basis your recipient could wind up out of pocket. Thanks to up-to-date currency exchange rates online you can get more for your money when you choose to send Guatemalan quetzal abroad.

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