Using Travellers Cheques
Some people will think about using traveller's cheques instead of completing a money transfer to Green Land. While these can be very useful it does pay to know that when your recipient cashes in a travellers check at a bank in Green Land they will be expected to pay charges on exchange rates. So if you want to send money to Green Land and not have to pay any charges it is a good idea to look towards other means.

ATM Information You Need to Know
One of the reasons that a lot of people choose to complete a currency transfer to Green Land is that ATM's are not very widespread as yet. They are usually situated in the major towns and some of the larger hotels that are in the country. ATMs are not found in smaller villages or smaller, family run hotels and guesthouses. So if the person you want to send currency to in Green Land does not have easy access to an ATM a currency transfer certainly makes the most sense.

Opening Hours of Banks in Green Land
Banks in Green Land are usually open between 9:30 AM to 15:30 PM from Monday's through to Thursday's whilst on Friday as they open 9:30 AM to 15:00 PM. Banks do not open on Saturdays which can create even more difficulties for your recipient. To provide an effective and efficient way to send money to your chosen recipient in Green Land you should check the currency rate Green Land are providing and arrange for a currency transfer. As soon as you have done this your recipient should have the funds in their currency in just a few minutes.

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