Find out more about the currency
To start with the Falkland Islands use the Falkland Islands Pound (FKP) as one of their currencies and the British Pounds Sterling (GBP) as their other. So when you choose to send money to Falkland Islands recipients you can decide which of the currencies you would prefer to send. In order to make your money go further it is a great idea to check the currency rate Falkland Islands currencies are at. By doing this you can then work out which is the best currency to exchange and send.

Wave goodbye to five-day transfers
If you have previously used bank transfers to send money to Falkland Islands recipients you will know that this can take a considerable amount of time. Having to wait for money in this way can be incredibly frustrating for both the sender and recipient. To ensure that your recipient gets his or her money instantly an online transfer using a secure provider could be exactly what you are looking for.

Transfer funds at your convenience
As well as being a speedy way to transfer money to Falkland Islands recipients an instant transfer is also incredibly convenient. You do not have to speak to a bank to set up a transfer and you will not have to fill in pages and pages of documentation. Many people are actually quite surprised when they realise they can transfer funds in less than five minutes once they have set up an account with an online provider. This makes sound sense if you are going to be sending money to someone in the Falkland Islands on a regular basis.

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