Get funds to your recipients in Ethiopia
To ensure that your recipients get their money quickly and without any hassle it makes sense to choose an online transfer. When you do this you will be assured that your money transfer to Ethiopia will go smoothly and that the funds will reach your recipient instantly. This is much faster than waiting for a bank to process a bank to bank transfer, which was a person's only safe option to send a friend or loved one in Ethiopia money, up until a few years ago.

Take advantage of a currency converter for Ethiopia
Not only will you feel safe in the knowledge that your transaction will go smoothly when you use an online exchange broker you can also take advantage of a free currency converter. You can use this to see the currency rate Ethiopia currency is adhering to. Ethiopia uses the Birr as their unit of currency and up until 1979 this was called the Ethiopian dollar. So when it comes to checking the rate of exchange on any given day looks for the Ethiopian Birr.

Transfer any time to Ethiopia
Another advantage of using an online exchange broker is that you can transfer money to Ethiopia at any time. There is no waiting for a bank or other financial institution to open. You can just go online and log into your account and arrange your exchange in just a few minutes. Even if you need to transfer money in the middle of the night it is possible using this method.

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