Forget about fees Dominican Republic?
One of the first things you should think about when looking into a currency transfer to Dominican Republic recipients is the fees that you could be charged. Some methods of sending money abroad incur charges and fees for doing so which means that you need to choose the service that has no fees. By eliminating fees you will not only save money you will be able to use the money you have saved and send this to your recipient. A simple direct money transfer to Dominican Republic recipients can be done online and without incurring any fees at all.

Are Travellers cheques the best option?
Travellers cheques are not accepted in every single bank and your recipient will need to know this. Not only could travellerÂ’s cheques could be difficult to exchange, they can also attract extra charges due to the exchange rate. In order to avoid this many people who want to transfer money to Dominican Republic recipients tend to look towards a different method of sending money.

Loading up a pre paid credit card
To give your recipient a flexible way to obtain their money you could send them a credit card that can be loaded with Dominican pesos. The Dominican peso is not available outside of the Dominican Republic so before you load the card take a look at the currency rate Dominican Republic money is being exchanged for. When the rate is good, load the card and your recipient will benefit from additional money.

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