Do check the exchange rate
Exchange rates will fluctuate on a daily basis which can mean getting more or less currency for your money. When you transfer money to Christmas Island, research the currency rate Christmas Island currency (the Australian Dollar) is following. By doing this you will be able be assured of a good exchange rate as will your recipient.

Don’t forget there are no ATMs
There are absolutely no ATMs on Christmas Island and it is wise to remember this. So if you were thinking of getting a pre paid credit card, loading it with money and sending it to your recipient so that they can draw out money at an ATM think again. Instead complete a money transfer to Christmas Island so that your recipient will be able to obtain their money without any difficulties.

Do use the fastest method
Who wants to wait around for days to get their money when an instant transfer gets there instantly? Not many people. In fact one of the main reasons that a currency transfer to Christmas Island is so popular is its super fast transfer speed. Transferring money in this way happens in seconds and there are no transfer periods to think about. Bank to bank transfers can take up to one working week to appear in your recipients account and for many this is too long, especially if they need the money in a short space of time.

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