Direct instant transfer
If you opt for a direct instant transfer when you send money to Chile you will be using the fastest method possible. This method is so fast that your recipient will be able to collect their money instantly without having to wait at all. Most people will choose this method as they know that it is fast, reliable and secure. In addition to this as soon as you have set up an account with an exchange broker you can then make a regular currency transfer to Chile whenever you like without having to fill any forms in.

Traveller’s cheques
Another way that some people like to use to complete a money transfer to Chile is to send travellers cheques. These can be sent in Chilean pesos or in US dollars as both of these currencies are accepted in cambios (money exchanging services) and the banks alike. However you do need to be aware that sending traveller’s cheques through the mail can be quite risky, so it is probably best not to send too much money this way.

Send your recipient a prepaid credit card
If your recipient wants to be able to spend money on a credit card you can send currency on one that is prepaid. Before you load the card however check the currency rate Chile are following and get more for your money. Wait until the exchange rate is good and bad money to the card and your recipient will benefit from this.

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