Why are travellers cheques not recommended?
The main reason that most people will opt for a currency transfer to Cape Verde rather than travellers cheques is that high commission charges will be avoided. Unfortunately anyone who exchanges travellers cheques in Cape Verde will be expected to pay very high commission for this service, even if they are local. Often a recipient will be unaware of this and it can be quite a shock when they are asked to pay commission to receive their money.

How can you send money?
If you want to send money to Cape Verde the best way to do this is by an online transfer. Not only is this method safe and secure it is also very fast. So any time you need to get money to someone that you know who resides in Cape Verde this should be the first thought on your mind. It can be fraught enough worrying when your recipient will get their money without any further problems – so choose a method of sending money that is hassle free.

Additional information
The unit of currency that is used in Cape Verde is the Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE) and this is one currency that cannot be exchanged outside of the country. So before you convert your currency into Cape Verdean Escudo take the time to find out the currency rate Cape Verde money is being exchanged at. By doing this you will make sure that when you come to arrange a money transfer to Cape Verde your recipient will get exactly the amount of money that they had been expecting.

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