Using an online service Money Transfer to Canada
There are excellent online currency brokers who can help you to send money to Canada with the minimum of fuss. Here you can check the exchange rate between currencies, send money to countries like Canada in a matter of moments or even put money on a prepaid credit card. All of these services, including a money transfer to Canada can be completed online whenever you need to send money abroad.

Regular Money Transfers Made Easy
Maybe you need to set up a regular currency transfer to Canada. If this is the case you can arrange for this to happen using an online currency broker. Here you can set up regular transfers in your chosen currency, indicate the recipient and let the currency broker service do the rest. As well as being a very easy way to set up regular money transfers this is a safe method of sending money overseas. You do not have fill out reams and reams of documentation to set up the transfer, you can do this all online in just a few minutes.

Dedicated Currency Brokers
In addition to being a safe and secure way to send money to someone in Canada dedicated currency brokers can also help you with the currency rate Canada use at any time. As currency rates in all the countries around the world go up and down it is important to be able to check on the rate from time to time. Online currency brokers have a free tool which will enable you to check out the currency rates in Canada whenever you wish. The Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar and in order to separate this from the American dollar it is written like this C$.

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