Foreign currency can be hard to exchange in Cambodia
The currency that is used in Cambodia is the Riel although US Dollars and Thai Bhat are also accepted in some places. To get the most from the exchange take a look at the currency rate Cambodia currency is being sold for prior to completing your transfer. Do this and you can transfer when the rate is good.

Credit card use is limited in Cambodia
While credit cards that have been travel money cards can be an excellent way to send money to someone in a foreign country it is not a good idea for someone who is in Cambodia. There are only a few tourist orientated shops and restaurants that accept them which would make them practically useless for a Cambodian citizen. A money transfer to Cambodia is not only faster than sending a pre paid credit card; it also means that your recipient can get their money directly.

Other currencies are not accepted in Cambodia
It is not advisable to send any other type of currency as they are not widely accepted. Only travellerÂ’s cheques in US Dollars should be considered and even these can be hard to exchange. Rather than create problems it is better to set up a currency transfer to Cambodia instead of foreign currency.

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