Faster than a bank in Burkina Faso
One of the most obvious reasons to use an online transfer rather than a bank to bank transfer is that it is much faster. Whenever you arrange a currency transfer to Burkina Faso you can rest assured that your recipient will be able to have their money on the same day. Transfers tend to just take a few minutes and are so easy to complete that once you have used this method once you will feel as though there is no going back.

24/7 access to transfers in Burkina Faso
Another issue with bank to bank transfers is that you need to discuss the transfer with the bank to set it up. When you complete an online money transfer to Burkina Faso you can do this at whatever time of the night or day you wish. You do not have to wait for a bank to open and you do not have to speak to an adviser to arrange a transfer. Just set up an account with an online exchange broker and then transfer money whenever you want with 24/7 access to transfers.

You can transfer when the exchange rate is favourable in Burkina Faso
Another great reason to transfer online is that you can see at glance what the currency rate Burkina Faso currency rate is at any time. This means you can transfer funds when the exchange rate is favourable. Remember the currency you are exchanging is the Communaute Financiere Africaine franc. This is the only currency that is used in Burkina Faso and it is tied to the Euro for the purposes of exchange.

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