Brunei dollars are in use
As well as accepting the Brunei Dollar most places in Brunei will also accept the Singapore Dollar. This is because the two currencies have the same value as one another. In fact it is commonplace to receive Singapore Dollars as change when a Brunei Dollar note is used. As few people know or keep abreast with the recent currency rate Brunei dollars trade for it is easy to find this out online. Use a free currency converter when you set up your transfer and you will know how much currency you will be getting for your money.

Watch out for high charges in banks
Many banks will charge high rates to exchange foreign currency. Normally this is around the 10% level and as a result your recipient will get more for travellerÂ’s cheques. To avoid these costs set up a currency transfer to Brunei which helps you to stay in control of the money that you send.

Pre paid credit cards are a good alternative
As credit cards are accepted in most places pre paid credit cards are an excellent way to transfer money to Brunei. However, this is a method that is best used to send money to friends and family rather than business associates. As with any form of money transfer you should opt for a method that is fast, safe and simple and you will not be disappointed and you will remain in control of your money and minimise fees.

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