What currency is used in Bhutan?
The currency that is in use in Bhutan is the Nglutrum (NU) and this has the exact same monetary value as the Indian rupee. Interestingly, the Indian rupee is also legal tender in Bhutan although it is often easier to transfer money to Bhutan in the Nglutrum.

Other currencies that can be exchanged in Bhutan
Maybe you do not want to send the Nglutrum to your recipient in Bhutan. If this is the case you might want to forward travellers cheques as these can be easily cashed in a range of foreign currencies. These include US Dollars, the Euro, Hong Kong Dollars, Pounds Sterling, and Japanese Yen, Swiss francs as well as some other currencies. Sending travellers cheques can be a good way to get money to someone in Bhutan, but it is not without its problems, which stem from the changing exchange rate. Transferring money allows you to take advantage of the latest currency rate Bhutan offers by transferring when the rate is generous.

No personal cheques in Bhutan?
You might want to pay for goods on behalf of someone in Bhutan. If this is the case you should not send a personal cheque to cover the amount as these are not accepted. Instead arrange for a currency transfer to Bhutan and things will go smoothly.

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