Quick and easy methods to send money to Belarus
The easiest way to transfer money to Belarus is to use a Money Transfer Operator. Using an MTO is easy and it makes the money available to the recipient immediately. A well known international MTO will definitely have a branch in Belarus. If getting to a MTO is too much trouble you can also use your credit card and transfer funds over the internet. The funds can be picked up at various banks in Belarus.

The more complex way of doing a money transfer to Belarus
If you are looking for a cheaper way to do a money transfer to Belarus, you can consider sending the recipient a check or even an international money order. This process however can take a very long time. International checks do not clear as fast as local or national checks. They also attract a fee. While it might be cheaper for you to send the money by this method, the person that you are sending it to might have to pay a fee for processing it.

The money is not tax free to Belarus
Any kind of currency transfer to Belarus from abroad is considered income. Therefore it is 100% taxable. No matter what the purpose of the transfer might be or to whom you might be sending it, if the money enters the country, the recipient is required to declare it as income and pay the appropriate tax on it. This is a very important aspect that you should keep in mind when you are sending money to Belarus.

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