Smaller shops like cash in Bahrain
If you were considering obtaining a pre paid credit card and forwarding this to your recipient you need to note that smaller shops in Bahrain like to be paid for goods in cash. This means your recipient would have to withdraw the money instead of paying by card. This can incur fees from ATMs which leaves your recipient with less money. So to avoid costs at your recipients end you should think about a currency transfer to Bahrain recipients. Another way to avoid hidden charges is to go online and transfer money when the exchange rate is good, find the currency rate Bahrain follows when you send money and your recipient will benefit.

Banks close on Fridays in Bahrain
Before you send money to Bahrain recipients you should also be aware that banks and businesses have varying opening hours. Most banks are open between the hours of 7.30am – 12.0pm and 3.30pm – 5.30pm Saturdays through to Wednesdays and between the hours of 7.30am – 11.00am on Thursdays. So if you want your recipient to be able to go into the bank to get their money do not arrange a money transfer to Bahrain on Fridays.

Change money at moneychangers or banks in Bahrain
Sending travellers cheques to Bahrain has been a tried and trusted way to get money to recipients in the country. Make sure your recipient knows that they can get foreign currency exchanged to the Bahraini Dollar at banks and moneychangers as well as at airports and the bureau de change.

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