Avoid money changes on the black market in Angola
You might be wondering if you should send your own currency via the mail to your recipient as you think they will get their money much faster. Not only is this unwise as the money can be lost during the journey in the mail, it is also not advised due to the fact that exchanging money on the streets, which is what many people would do, is illegal. Your recipient should only use a bureaus de change whenever they transfer money. So think about this and arrange a money transfer to Angola instead.

Angolan credit cards
Credit cards are not accepted in Angola, so you should avoid sending a prepaid credit card to your recipient. Instead arrange a currency transfer to Angola so that your recipient can have the money incredibly quickly. Not only that but you will also be able to check the currency rate Angola money, the Kwanza (AOA) is following. You should also note that US dollars are also accepted as currency in Angola.

Banks close over the weekend in Angola
Finally you should also be aware that the banks in Angola are closed on Saturdays as well as Sunday's. So if you wish to transfer money to Angola you should make sure that you do this before the weekend so that your recipient can manage to access their money easily. One of the problems with a bank to bank transfer is that sometimes a recipient will have to wait until Monday morning before they can access their money.

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