Bank transfers and money transfer operators in Albania
Most of the methods to transfer money to Albania require you and the receiving party to have a valid bank account. Bank accounts enable you to wire money at a small fee. The transaction is simple. The money is simple taken from your account, converted into the appropriate currency and then transferred to the recipient’s account. However, opening a bank account can difficult if you haven’t spent long enough in the country. In a situation like this you can always register with a money transfer operator or an MTO. Transferring money in this case is a bit more expensive, but it is easier.

Availability of currency transfers to Albania
The official currency of Albania is Albanian Leks, however not many MTOs or banks stock it. Therefore the best way to do a currency transfer to Albania is to use Euros. You can also use US Dollars or British Pounds. If you are transferring the money to a bank account, it will automatically be converted to Albanian Leks. Some banks however allow the recipient to pick up the money in the original currency that it was sent in.

Exchange rates and fees to Albania
Money transfer to Albania involves currency exchange rates and other fees. Before you choose the method that you would like to go with, make sure that you have found out what the figures associated with these are. Exchange rates vary everyday so it is best to keep yourself updated before you actually go to make the transfer.

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