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WeSwap Fees. The fee charged in the destination currency when a swap is executed (e.g. if you wish to swap GBP 1,000 into USD, the fee will be charged in USD).

Immediate Swap 2.0%
3 Day Swap 1.3%
7 Day Swap 1.0%

A swap that completes earlier than requested will always be charged at the original swap fee. * For all users who registered prior to 08/05/2017 immediate swap fee is 1.4%.

Additional Fees

  • Replacement Card £5
  • Chargeback Fee £10
  • Administration Fee - Free
  • Inactivity Fee £2
  • Refund Fee £5
  • Stamp Duty €5

ATM Withdrawal Fees - ATM withdrawals above £200 are free of charge. Below that amount is £1.50. if you withdraw the amount in another currency and the amount is over that amount is will be free if it is under then it a will be charged around £1.50 to £2. You may also be charged by the operator of the ATM.

WeSwap services
The invention behind WeSwap was to make travellers access to exchange rate at a cheap, transparent and a fair rate. This is still the main service offered by them with the some of the currencies they deal in include:

• US Dollar (USD)
• British Pound (GBP)
• Euros (EUR)
• Danish Kroner (DKK)
• Swedish Kroner (SEK)
• Norwegian Kroner (NOK)


WeSwap Card

Advantages of We Swap

With the number of users growing in its platform every year, We Swap boots of moving over £75 million in its platform. This has increased the revenue by 160%. Some of their advantages include.

  1. Cuts out the middleman: WeSwap ensures that the middleman is cut out of the currency exchange hence the customer will get the best rate on the market.

  2. Low transaction fees: WeSwap charges its customers as low as 1% as their transaction fee.

  3. Easy to set up an account: Setting up an account with WeSwap is quick and easy.

  4. Quick delivery: The Pre-paid card is delivered to your doorstep in less than 7 days after setting up an account.

  5. Smooth transaction: The process of swapping currencies is smooth and fast.

  6. Free withdrawal: WeSwap offers its customers up to two-daily withdrawals at the ATM which are free.

  7. Good exchange rates at the Market: It offers the best exchange rate available at the market for those looking for foreign currencies.

Disadvantages of We Swap.

  1. Unstable exchange rate: Due to the fluctuating currency market and the inflation rate in different countries, the exchange rate may not be constant.

  2. Low maximum load: With WeSwap, a maximum of £3000 loaded every single time. This is a huge challenge to those who want to do a bulk transaction.

  3. Limited online purchase: There limited use of the We Swap card when it comes to online purchase since many stores don’t accept payment from it.

  4. Lacks contactless feature: The pre-paid card lacks contactless feature hence making transactions somehow slow.

WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard

Why open an account?

Opening an account with WeSwap a great investment for anyone planning to travel out of the country for a business trip, vacation or holiday.

• They offer the best exchange rate available in the market.
• Their account is easy to Set.
• They make a quick delivery of the WeSwap card to their customers.
• WeSwap services are at the convenience of your fingertip through their mobile app.

How to open an account with WeSwap.

Opening an account with WeSwap is as easy as 123.
• First, you will need to go to their official website, WeSwaps.com, and create an account. During this proses, you will also need to key in your destination which helps determine the currency you need.
• A pre-paid MasterCard mailed to you in less than 7 days which linked to your account.
• Load your currency that you want to swap via a bank transfer to your WeSwap account.
• WeSwap matches other travellers with you heading in opposite direction.
• Once a perfect match found, your account's currency then swapped with your new currency.
• Your pre-paid card is ready for use when abroad.

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