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goHenry Prepaid Card

The gohenry prepaid card is the main prepaid card in the UK Gohenry was a thought of a gathering of guardians who suspected that banks did not offer youngsters an opportunity to learn mindful gaining, spending and sparing propensities. This organization empowers kids to spend inside points of confinement set by their folks and additionally enabling one to set saving objectives that they can work towards.

To begin off, you have to open a Gohenry account, after which one's card should be actuated. One will get the opportunity to get the card in just seven working days. After all that is done, the parent can top up the card and set guidelines concerning spending keeping in mind the end goal to be in charge. Errands and undertakings can be configured to be finished by the youngster to empower them to acquire additional money.

Usage Charges

goHenry Card

Choose between a standard goHenry card for free or a custom card for a one-off charge of only £4.99

goHenry Monthly membership fee per child £2.99 They only start charging you after your free trial ends. The monthly charge is paid out of the parents account not the child's. Please note if you set up your account before 18th January, 2016 you will continue to only pay £1.97 per child per month.

Loading money to your parent goHenry account
From your bank account FREE.
From your debit card 50p per load.

Spending money online and in shops.
goHenry Visa card purchases in the UK FREE
goHenry Visa card purchases abroad 2.75%

Money Withdrawals from your goHenry card:
From an ATM in the UK FREE
From an ATM abroad £2 Be aware, some cash machines may charge extra.

Standard transfer to your bank account (takes up to 4 working days) £5 Call Member Services on 0330 100 7676 to arrange a transfer.

Closing your goHenry account and transferring all funds back to your bank account FREE Call Member Services on 0330 100 7676 to arrange a transfer.

goHenry Replacement Cards for Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged card £3.99 This charge covers the cost of manufacturing and sending your replacement goHenry card to you

Product Information

goHenry Prepaid Card Review

How does GoHenry Card Work?

The card has every one of the highlights of a Visa card. It can be utilized as a part out of every other place on earth where Visa is permitted, and it is being used both abroad and at home subsequently no misgivings at whatever point guardians and their kids choose to go on vacation outside the UK. It is extremely secure as it must be gotten to through a stuck number that is secure, no telephone call is required to unblock or obstruct on the off chance that suspicious movement is recognized and no overdraft nor obligation nor costly mix-ups related with this card.

The expenses related to the Gohenry prepaid cards are reasonable. Nothing is paid in the first month. You should only join, and the free card is presented to you immediately. After the first month, one has a decision of either by paying as an irregular charge for a custom card or utilize the standard Gohenry card which is free. However, to maintain a strategic distance from this, bank exchange instalment or standing request can be an alternative. Supplanting a stole, lost or harmed card costs. It is allowed to pull back in the UK from an ATM.


goHenry Card Review

GoHenry Prepaid Credit Card is perfect one will comprehend that overseeing funds by them are a worry of everybody. So would we say we are always engaged with the idea to guarantee that our youngsters remaining abroad are utilizing the cash sent by us to them in an intelligent way? We stress that they ought not to overspend and furthermore not burn through cash on wrong things. We need them to win investment funds. This worry is not just for those kids who are avoiding us rather it is at the same time for those youngsters likewise who are remaining alongside us.

It's from that point forward till date that I feel myself to be an exceptionally fortunate go individually to have familiar with such a great and mind-blowing site. goHenry instructs our kids the straightforward, safe way in which they can deal with their cash..

Under goHenry one have finish grasp to set principles and aspects of confinement of pocket money. With this prepaid card, the tyke has full autonomy to spend his cash yet this is done in the meantime under the vigilant gaze of his folks staying alert where his youngster spends his money. The gohenry prepaid card entitles you to the sum just to the degree that is imprinted on the card, and subsequently, there is no danger of obligations or overdraw, the kid stays in his points of confinement as it were.

The online record of the parent and the connected record of every youngster which empowers the parent to keep the full track of the Every one of these administrations of the goHenry prepaid card can be benefited on an instalment of a month to month charge that will be paid by the guardians and not the youngster. It has no overdraft office and can likewise be wiped out whenever with no additional charges. goHenry prepaid Visa can be utilized at abroad additionally at an extra cost for the abroad spending.

goHenry Prepaid Debit Card

How to Register with GoHenry

Stage 1 - Open a GoHenry online record for you inside minutes

Stage 2 - Receive your GoHenry cards in 5 to 7 working days

Stage 3 - From your record, you can set your programmed cash exchanges for stash cash and spending rules for each file.

stage 4 - You sit back as a parent and screen and watch your youngsters' ways of managing money and enabling them to figure out how to win, spare and spend capably.

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