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Acorn Prepaid Card


Application FeesFree
Transaction FeesFree - £1.50 outside UK
Monthly Fees£9.95
ATM Charges1.50
Top Up FeesFree

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Acorn Accounts prides itself on a guaranteed 100% safety and security of all its accounts. Online, Mobile and Telephone Account Access. To pay in cash or in cheques for your Acorn Account. Hence, you can go to any Barclays branch nearest you and pay in using your pre-printed GIRO.

Account Limits.

  • The minimum amount of initial load £10.00.
  • Maximum initial load £1,250.00.
  • Maximum card balance £5,000.

Balance enquiry.

  • 15p per balance enquiry by SMS.
  • FREE to load your card, but charged to send to 60777 at your usual network rate.
  • Top-up fees and limits.

  • Maximum single load £1,250.
    Service Fees.
  • FREE replacement PIN.

Checking balance also made simpler through the Mobile Account Access. Customers can simply key in BALANCE and send to 60777 through their mobile phones instead of calling the phone centre. On the other hand, for the Acorn Account Debit MasterCard. So, customers can load up their cards by sending LOAD + Amount to 60777. For example, key in "LOAD 50", and £50 funds will be loaded onto the card.

If customers, however, prefer the old school Telephone Account Access, they may opt to. Customers may perform balance check. Acorn Account Debit MasterCard loading and activation, and PIN retrieval through the convenience of their telephones. They may also speak to account managers about their accounts in detail through telephone account access.

Usage Charges

Card Usage Fees

Acorn Account comes with a prepaid debit MasterCard card that customers may use for both cash and retail transactions. Consequently, in over 35 million locations worldwide that accept MasterCard.

Basically, there won't be any charges for using the Prepaid Debit MasterCard card in the UK. Hence, except for ATM machines which may incur a withdrawal fee of £1.50 per transaction with the UK. Outside UK purchase transactions charge a fee of 2.75% of the transaction value. Also, and withdrawal transactions incur a charge of £3.00 plus 2.75% of the transaction value. Other necessary fees are provided on the website.
Card issue fees.

  • Card issue fee - FREE.
  • Additional card fee - £5.00 per month, 1 additional card.
  • Monthly Fee £9.95
  • Fees - 2.75% outside the UK.

ATM fees.

  • £1.50 in the UK.
  • £3.00 plus 2.75% outside the UK.
  • £5.00 - advance in the UK.
  • £5.00 - advance outside the UK.
  • Account Usage restrictions.
  • For full details please refer to Terms and Conditions.

Account Closure.

  • Cancellation or Redemption.
  • £10.00 redemption fee on Acorn Account closure.
  • Card expiry valid for 3 years.
Product Information

Acorn Prepaid Card Review

How does It work?
In acquiring an Acorn Account, an experienced account manager may help assist you in managing your monthly bills. Just talk the necessary information about what you need to pay regularly, and our experienced advisors will do the rest. They'll be the ones to set up all your direct debits and regular payments. So, help manage your bills from your account. Hence, to ensure you never have the burden of having to pay for expensive overdrafts and costly unpaid payment fees.

All other excesses and remaining balances from your wages moved to your Prepaid Debit MasterCard card. When all the bills paid and settled. And assisting with the entire procedure once you call to have your account activated.

Customers can access and manage their accounts 24/7, with its Online Account Access feature. Using our secure online banking facility to do transactions such as making payments. Also, setting up a standing order, and checking balances. Upon joining, every customer, given a secure password used to log onto his or her account online. View statements, move money to your Acorn Account Prepaid Debit MasterCard. Make bill payments, set up account preferences, manage direct debits, create Standing Orders. View balances, view fees and add a second Debit MasterCard card performed online.

Acorn Account also provided another convenient way for its customers to access their respective accounts. Its Mobile Account Access lets' account holders log onto their accounts. So, manage and make direct debit payments, and transfer funds to their Acorn Account cards. 


Acorn Prepaid Banking Account

Acorn Account for Prepaid Debit Needs: A Detailed Review?

In our ever-growing financial world today, where a mere acquisition of financial cards. Therefore accounts can involve a really tedious and overly complicated application process. So, to come across companies that promise the exact opposite acquisition experience is truly a blessing.

Spectrum Card Services Limited, a registered agent of Spectrum Payments Services Limited. Also, both registered in England and Wales. Hence, developed a trading style called Acorn Account to serve your concerns for current accounts and prepaid needs. The company authorised by Financial Conduct Authority. Had been an expert in providing current accounts for both personal account holders and small business customers.

Switching Accounts?
In Acorn Account, all customers' direct debits. Also, standing orders and wages/benefits can be a switch, and it is just a call away. Customers can phone the company and they will be the one to handle the switching. The entire process usually takes up to 7 working days. So, given that the current account service provided by the company is in use by the account holder. Also, free alert text messages sent to customers when

  • Once approved for an account, the sort code and account number sent;
  • Deposited funds cleared into their billing account;
  • Standing orders and direct debits made already paid;
  • Insufficient funds to pay for standing orders and direct debit;
  • Acorn Account Debit MasterCard ordered and activated;
  • Any changes made in their standing orders;
  • A new direct debit instruction has been set up.

How To Apply

To apply for Acorn Account is hassle-free. Just fill in the form provided on their website. The process does not take too long. And it does not incur any application free.

Worrying about a poor credit history? Don't worry. In Acorn Account, customers not pre-judged of their past financial or credit history. In fact, anyone guaranteed of acceptance, given proper identification. Anyone can make a brand new start in their financial management with Acorn Account.

The Acorn Account and its Cost

With an acorn account, Spectrum Card Services Limited promises to give you a complete account. Also, together with a Prepaid Debit MasterCard. To assist you in timely paying your bills whether through Standing Order or Direct Debit.

The process of applying for an account is stress-free and absolutely fast. Applicants just need to undergo proper identification, and their application guaranteed of acceptance. There no mandatory credit check required, so you don't have to worry about your credit history at all. In Acorn Account, they fully understand how managing one's financial activities can be very challenging. So, There is even a warm welcome for a fresh new start with Acorn Account.

Most noteworthy, Acorn Account requires no fee for opening an account. There is a monthly fee of £9.95 payable monthly in advance.

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