Santander Esaver Bank Account

Santander Esaver account


Type of Account
Typical Interest RateEarn 2.50% gross/AER (variable
Overdraft FacilityN/A
Debit CardsDebit Card
Bank Account FeesFree banking

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Why choose an e-saver account?

Let us consider that you are looking for a hassle-free online transaction system that comes with a dual mode of penalty-free access. So, 24 hours a day. Santander has come out with a revolutionary Santander instant access accounts. Also, which list all the features and is convenient to use. Santander has brought forward attractive savings accounts that have been tailored to your needs. You have worked really hard for your accumulated money. So, now you need a savings account that works and is designed preferentially keeping you in mind. There is a list of Santander instant access accounts.

Why choose an e-saver account?

Now you can choose from just 1pound to 2 million pounds in one go. The account can be easily opened online. Santander instant access accounts provide flexible online banking so that you can control your money better, 24 hours a day. The account also includes a cash card with which you can withdraw up to 300 pounds from cash machines.

Financial thresholds with Santander instant access accounts:

You can earn 2.75 % gross/AER on savings in your account for 12 months, after which your gross is calculated at 0.50%.

Why choose an instant ESaver saver?
Now you can save any amount with denominations from 1000 pounds to 20, 00000 pounds which are a competitive rate in today’s market scenario. You will be paid interest annually, which shall be calculated based on the day of account opening. Therefore, variable bonus rate calculated as 1.50% gross/AER for 12 months, which drops to 0.10% gross/AER if in any period the amount drops below 1000 pounds. There is a great variable rate of 2.50% gross/AER for the first 12 months and 1.00% gross/AER is applicable thereafter.

Why choose 50+ ESaver?
Suppose your savings account offering rate is 2.00% gross/AER with an amount of 750,000 pounds. Hence, Save a considerable amount for your cherished holiday or build up your retirement fund. Have instant access to your savings account via our dedicated net, phone banking. Furthermore be paid interest monthly or annually.

Santander Esaver Bank Account

The Santander ESaver account opened for as little as £1.00 and is a free online bank account to get if you are over the age of 16 years. There no day to day banking charges to use your account so it is free to use.

So, Great return – Earn 2.50% gross/AER (variable) for 12 months on all the money saved in the account, after which the underlying rate, currently 0.50% gross/AER (variable), applies.

  • The bonus of 2.00% gross/AER (variable) included in the rate for 12 months from account opening

  • Save from just £1 up to £2 million

  • Interest calculated daily and received monthly for a regular income or annually on the anniversary of account opening.

  • So, Open online; it's easy and takes just a few minutes

  • Also, Manage online 24 hours a day, every day, with our secure and easy to use Internet Banking

Why choose flexible card saver account?

You can get variable interest rates of 0.50% gross/AER on balances in excess of amounts of 50,000 pounds. So, save money from 1 pound to 2 million pounds with added benefits of interest deposits. Interest normally paid on the anniversary day of the opening of your account. Also, manage your account with a passbook or ATMs or via online, phone banking with great ease.

Cash card – The account comes with a cash card, allowing you to withdraw up to £300 per day from cash machines

Type of Account: Savings Account

Account usage charges:

  • Account Fee - FREE
  • Transaction Charge UK - FREE
  • Transaction Charge Abroad - 2.75%
  • ATM Charge UK - FREE
  • ATM Charge Abroad - £1.25
  • Overdraft and Default Payments:

  • Overdraft Fee - N / A
  • Unpaid Item - £5.00
  • Stopped Cheque fee - FREE
  • Bankers Draft - £10.00
  • Overdraft capped fee - £0.50

Santander ESaver Account

Most noteworthy, Representative Example: For customers who switch. 0% EAR (variable) Arranged Overdraft. Also, No Daily Arranged Overdraft Fee for the first 4 months. Then 50p per day capped at 20 days each monthly statement period applies thereafter. Subject to Status and Application. 

Santander Esaver bank account you have to apply online

You have chosen to apply for an Esaver Santander Bank Account. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved.

Please Ensure That:

  • You are at least 18 Years of Age. You are a permanent resident/citizen of the UK.
  • Have ready financial information.
  • Your address and contact details.

Proceed With Your Application
Santander Application process takes approx 10 minutes to complete. Hence, These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for Esaver Santander Bank Account.
Consequently, Please ensure you read Santander copies of the fees and interest rates. Also, terms and conditions that apply to Esaver Santander Bank Accounts. So If your application agreed in principle, you will receive your application pack within the next few days.

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Santander Esaver Account

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Santander Esaver account

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