RBS Silver Select Basic Bank Account with Debit Card

RBS silver account


Type of Account
Typical Interest Rate0.0% AER
Overdraft Facility19.49% interest p.a (variable)
Debit CardsVisaDebit Card
Bank Account Fees£8 monthly fee

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RBS Silver Select Bank Account with Visa debit card. As with your RBS Silver current account, you can always expect more than banking. Hence, With the ease of financial transactions and online banking facilities, you cannot expect more. The account has been modified keeping in mind individual needs. Also, The account gives lots of benefits to the customers.

Benefits earned through the account?
No monthly subscription charges are levied for online banking transactions. There are no charges for renewal or overdrafts up to 15000 pounds. Moreover, there no interest rate charged for amounts up to 100 pounds. You can now save on your mortgage bills. Use your interest paying RBS Silver Select Bank Account to save huge money. Your card well accepted at almost all the cash machines in the UK. You also purchase goods from stores across the country wherever the logo portrayed. You benefit from online banking services and net banking.

RBS Silver Bank Account?
Now your travel is further simplified with the availability of cash from thousands of cash machines overseas. Also, Buy goods from outlets where the logo portrayed with your RBS Silver current account, you can access monthly statements or mini statements from ATMs. Your standard current account also pays you interest every month which credited to your account.

Financial thresholds?
Interest calculated with respect to each day and credited to a person’s account usually the day after the balance statement sent. There is also an arranged overdraft facility to the amount of 15000 pounds which comes free of charge. Arranged overdraft above £15,000 pounds would involve arrangement fee of 2% amount and 1% of the amount is levied for renewal charges annually. A default notice fee of 30 pounds fixed if you fail to pay back the overdraft or the chance of late payments.

RBS Silver Select Bank Account

Who can apply for RBS Silver current account?
The account is operator an individual whose age is 18 years above. Recommended that you keep your identity proof, address details and employment particulars in hand to avoid unnecessary delay in account opening.

Switching your bank account has never been that easy:
Our specialist notification team will inform you when your applications have been received. The advice of your direct debit companies and notification of your current account details will also be taken care of. The institution will also notify your bank to cancel your payments and close your account to transfer money to your newly formed account. RBS will take full responsibility and guarantee in coordinating a transfer of payments from your designated bank account to your new account without any extra charges. Your transfer will be hassle free and within legal limits.

RBS Silver Select Bank Account- General Information.

The RBS Silver Select Bank Account is available to anyone over 18 years and wants an interest-paying current account with is free to use. As there are is a small monthly fee which is £8 a month subscriptions it becomes straightforward to access your money.

RBS Select Current account ideal if you are looking for an overdraft facility with no arrangement fees. Also, Where no interest charged on £100 once agreed, plus you can get up to £15k if you need.

Some of the benefits you get with Royal Bank of Scotland are a free visa debit card to help you manage your money which is free to use at any RBS Bank Account branch. Note there is a £1.25 charge if you do a transaction abroad.

RBS Silver Account with Debit Card

With the RBS Select Silver Current Account, you can earn a minimum of 1% of your spend at participating retailers with cashback plus.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has over 1650 branches in the UK and you can manage your money by internet banking, telephone banking, at any RBS Bank Account branch or by Mobile Banking.

The RBS Silver Select Current Bank Account offers small monthly operating costs with easy access to your money plus you can save on your mortgage if you use your balance to save money with their offset service.

  • Overdraft (subject to eligibility) - extra breathing space for your finances. Over 18s only.
  • Fraud alerts by RBS, they identify unusual activity on your account.
  • Standing orders and Direct Debits – and a chequebook making it easy for you to pay your bills.
  • Monthly statements – check them online or receive a paper copy.

RBS Silver Select Bank Account - Banking Fees or Charges, Hence Type of Account: Current Account

Account Fee£8.00
Transaction Charge UKFREE
Transaction Charge Abroad£1.25
ATM Charge Abroad£2.00%
Overdraft and Default Payments
Overdraft Fee0%
Unpaid Item£5.00
Overdrawn Mainanence Chrg£20.00
Paid Referral Fee£15.00
Management Fee Option£10.00

Consequently, Notes: Representative Example: Up to £100 at 0% Interest p.a (variable). £101 + at 19.49% interest p.a (variable). Subject to Status and Application.

RBS Silver Select Account

RBS Silver Select Bank Account- Apply Online

You have chosen to apply for an RBS Silver Select Current Account. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved.

  1. Please Ensure That:
  • You are at least 18 Years of Age
  • You are a permanent resident/citizen of the UK
  • Have ready financial information
  • Your address and contact details
  • Monthly Fee of £8.00
  1. Proceed With Your Application

Hence, RBS Silver Select Bank Account Application process takes approx 10 minutes to complete. So, These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for The Royal Bank of Scotland. Also, Please ensure you read The Royal Bank of Scotland copies of the fees and interest rates and terms and conditions that apply to RBS Silver Select Bank Account accounts. In Addition, If your application has been agreed in principle, you will receive your application pack within the next few days.

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RBS Silver Select Account

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RBS silver account

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