Natwest Reward Bank Account with Debit Card

Natwest Reward


Type of Account
Typical Interest Rate0%
Overdraft FacilityUp to £100 at 0% Interest p.a (variable)
Debit CardsVisaDebit Card
Bank Account FeesFree banking

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NatWest Reward Account

History of Natwest Bank
The formation of NatWest Bank?
National Provincial Bank was established in 1833 and Westminster Bank was established in 1836 where they both could trace their history dating back to the 1650s. Where in 1968 both banks merged together as National Westminster Bank and the announcement completely shocked the media, the City and the public.

But although this took everyone by surprise the newly formed National Westminster Bank could immediately see the advantages by

  • Strengthening the balance sheet
  • Streamlined the branch networks
  • Enabling greater investment in new technology

The integration began in 1969 and took a year to complete and on 1 January 1970 National Westminster Bank commenced trading with their new branding with the three-arrowheads symbol as its logo.
National Westminster bank now had over 3,600 branches and began to develop a wider range of new services, which was to include the bank's first credit card called Access Credit card in 1972.

NatWest Reward Bank Account

In 1976 National Westminster bank began a computer linked cash dispenser called Servicetills.
Deregulation in the 1980s, culminating in 'Big Bang' in 1986, also encouraged National Westminster Bank to enter the securities business. County Bank, the Group's merchant bank, acquired stockbroking and jobbing firms to create NatWest Investment Bank.

Whilst this was happening the International Banking Division looked to provide international banking services to large companies and to focus on expansion in the USA, the Far East and Europe.

In 2000 NatWest has finally capitulated to Royal Bank of Scotland's £21bn hostile takeover bid, NatWest said it accepted that RBS had won support for its bid from the majority of its shareholders and advised investors to accept the offer.

In 2008 the government has been forced take a 58% stake in RBS after shareholders rejected the banking group’s £15 billion share offer. In a statement, RBS said that only 0.24% of new shares offered to investors were taken up, leaving the government – and the taxpayer – to pick up the remaining 22.9 billion shares and take control of 57.9% of the bank.


Natwest Reward Bank ccount with Debit Card
  • The NatWest Reward Silver Bank Account is a free bank account to anyone over the age of 18 years. The account is free to use as there are no monthly banking charges.
  • NatWest Reward Silver account is ideal as it provides an overdraft facility subject to eligibility which is free up to £100 plus a handy chequebook for when cash or cards aren't convenient.
  • Some of the benefits you get with NatWest are a free visa debit card to help you manage your money which is free to use at any NatWest branch. Note there is a £1.25 charge if you make a transaction abroad.
  • With Natwest Reward bank account you can earn a minimum of 1% of your spend at participating retailers with cashback plus.
  • NatWest have over 1650 branches in the UK and you can manage your money by internet banking, telephone banking, at any NatWest branch or by Mobile Banking.
  • The Reward Bank Account is a perfect for people who require a small overdraft facility just for emergencies and need a basic current account to manage their finances.
    • Overdraft (subject to eligibility) - extra breathing space for your finances. Over 18s only.
    • Fraud alerts by NatWest, they identify unusual activity on your account.
    • Standing orders and Direct Debits – and a cheque book, making it easy for you to pay your bills.
    • Monthly statements – check them online or receive a paper copy.


Natwest Reward Bank Account Review

Type of Account: Basic Current Account

Account FeeFREE
Transaction Charge UKFREE
Transaction Charge Abroad£1.25
ATM Charge Abroad£2.00%
Overdraft and Default Payments
Overdraft Fee0%
Unpaid Item£5.00
Overdrawn Mainanence Chrg£20.00
Paid Referral Fee£15.00
Management Fee Option£10.00


Representative Example: Up to £100 at 0% Interest p.a (variable). £101 + at 18.3% interest p.a (variable). Subject to Status and Application.



Natwest Reward Account with Debit Card

You have chosen to apply for a Natwest Reward Bank Account. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved.

  1. Please Ensure That:
  • You are at least 18 Years of Age.
  • You are a permanent resident/citizen of the UK.
  • Have ready financial information.
  • Your address and contact details.
  • Free Bank Account - No Monthly Fees.
  1. Proceed With Your Application.

NatWest Application process takes approx 10 minutes to complete. These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for NatWest Bank. Please ensure you read NatWest copies of the fees and interest rates and terms and conditions that apply to NatWest personal accounts. If your application has been agreed in principle, you will receive your application pack within the next few days.

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Natwest Reward

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