Halifax Reward Basic Bank Account with Debit Card

Halifax Reward


Type of Account
Typical Interest RatePay £1000 & earn £5
Overdraft FacilityFrom £1200 to £2500
Debit CardsVisaDebit Card
Bank Account Fees£12.50 monthly fee

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Halifax Reward Bank Account with debit cards reviewed.

Halifax Ultimate Reward
So, Halifax bank accounts have brought forward a new range of investment options. Also, The Halifax Ultimate reward current account which carries plenty of loyalty programmes and value-added benefits. So, You can now enjoy great benefits of ₤12.50 per month with 5 pounds payout in each month you pay in 1000 pounds.

What will you get with Halifax Ultimate reward?

Overdraft fees up to 300 pounds carries no fee for you but above the limit can entitle you to an overdraft fee calculated per transactions. Additional benefits accumulate as worldwide travel endowments and hospitality reward points. You are also eligible for family travel insurance, AA breakdown cover and mobile phone insurance.
The insurance policy for mobile phones covers the amount in case of loss, accidental damages or theft. 5 pounds is credited to your account if you pay 1000 pounds each month into your account.

Your Halifax reward account also comes with great value-added services like 15% discount on car insurance, home and content insurance. You are credited with 150 pounds when you take out a First-time buyer or mortgage deal. Your home is likely to be repossessed if you don’t abide by your mortgage payments each month. You are also provided with an Ultimate Reward discount card which supports great discounts on products including 20% off on car rentals and Avis.

Halifax Reward Bank Account

What are the standard features of Halifax reward account?
You are provided with free visa debit card which can be supplemented with great buys, everything and everywhere. Hence, You are also eligible for availing instant cash from cash machines up to a limit of 300 pounds with available mini statements and transaction details, topping up your mobile. You can have access to our branches and avail 24 hours of the net and phone banking. It’s a secured medium to pay your salary and other credit functions.

How to switch your main current account to Halifax?
You can make your transactions simpler by availing Halifax switching service to switch your current account to Halifax reward current account. If you switch your current account to Halifax reward, you are eligible for 90 days grace period for overdraft fees. After that normal rates for overdraft will apply. If you open a main current account in Northern Island and switch your current account to them. You will receive 120 days fee-free overdraft charges. For more details on your switching option, you can always call at our specialised switching team hotline.

Halifax Reward Bank Account with Debit Card general Information.

The Halifax Reward current bank account is has a monthly subscription charge of £12.50 a month.
With a Halifax reward account, you get a free Halifax visa debit card to help you manage your money which is free to use at any Halifax branch.
The high street bank gives you £5 each month when you pay in £1,000, whether you're in credit or overdrawn.

Halifax Reward Current Account with Debit Card

Halifax Bank Account with Debit Card - Halifax Reward Current Account - Banking Fees or Charges? Type of Account: Current Account

Account Fee£12.50
Transaction Charge UKFREE
Transaction Charge Abroad2.75%
ATM Charge Abroad£1.50
Overdraft and Default Payments
Overdraft over £1000 daily£1.00
overdraft over £2500 daily£2.00
un authorised overdraft£5.00
Bankers draft£20.00
Stopped cheques fee£10.00

Notes: Representative Example: If you use an arranged overdraft of £1,200. Also, The high street bank will charge you £1 a day when you use it. Arranged overdraft over £2500 you will charge you £1 a day when you use it.Subject to Status and Application.

Halifax Reward Bank Account

Halifax Reward Current Bank Account - Apply Online where you have chosen to apply for a Halifax Reward Current Bank Account. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved.

Please Ensure That:
You are at least 18 Years of Age.You are a permanent resident/citizen of the UK. Have ready financial information. Your address and contact details. Monthly subscription Fee £12.50.

Proceed With Your Application
 The application process takes approx 10 minutes to complete. These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for the high street bank. Please ensure you read the high street banks copies of the fees and interest rates and terms and conditions that apply to free personal banking accounts. If your application agreed in principle, you will receive your application pack within the next few days.

Overdraft Fees
Halifax overdraft fees are simple to understand, making it easy to manage your money:
Hence, If you use an arranged overdraft up to and including £2,500, Halifax charges you £1 a day. Hence, If you use an arranged overdraft over £2,500, The high street bank charges you £2 a day. So, If you use an unarranged overdraft, With a banking charge of £5 a day.
Plus, you get all the standard features you would expect from a current account including a free Visa debit card, use of cash machines to withdraw up to £300 a day and access to any of our branches.

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Halifax Reward

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Halifax Reward

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