Halifax Current Account with Debit Card



Type of Account
Typical Interest RateN / A
Overdraft Facility£1 a day up to £2,500
Debit CardsDebit Card
Bank Account FeesFree banking

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Halifax Bank Account

Halifax extends £100 offer on switching bank accounts

Halifax, the leading high street bank, has announced plans to increase its promotional period for new customers switching to their current accounts.

Halifax is currently offering £100 to new customers switching to a Halifax current account. The deal was originally set to end on 19th February, however, the offer is being extended until the beginning of March.

The taxpayer-owned bank initially launched the deal on 3rd of January to catch consumers feeling the post-Christmas personal finance blues.

New customers looking to switch their current accounts can receive £100 on the day they visit the branch.

Halifax Current Account

The bank claim they are extending the offer as a result of high demand as Halifax offer the switching incentive on the day of the deal, compared to other providers who only credit an account once the switch has been completed.

Anthony Warrington, Director of Halifax current accounts, commented on the decision to extend the offer; "The response to the Halifax switching initiative since its launch in January this year has been exceptional. As a result, we decided to give more new customers the opportunity to benefit from the incentive by extending it into March.”


Halifax Current Account with Debit Card

New customers that switch to a Halifax current account will benefit from:

  • £100 credited to the new account on the day that they start the switching process
  • All account details provided at opening with the ability to start banking online immediately
  • A dedicated switching team to provide support throughout the process
  • A service to transfer all direct debits and standing orders
  • A service to transfer credits, including salary or pension credits

The best thing about the deal is that customers do not need to hold any existing accounts with Halifax to qualify for the deal.


Halifax Banking Account with Debit Card

Halifax Bank Accounts Banking Fees or Charges

Type of Account: Basic Current Account

Account FeeFREE
Transaction Charge UKFREE
Transaction Charge Abroad2.75%
ATM Charge Abroad£1.50
Overdraft and Default Payments
Overdraft over £1000 daily£1.00
overdraft over £2500 daily£2.00
un authorised overdraft£5.00
Bankers draft£20.00
Stopped cheques fee£10.00


Representative Example: If you use an arranged overdraft of £1,200 , then Halifax will charge you £1 a day when you use it. Arranged overdraft over £2500 you will charge you £1 a day when you use it.Subject to Status and Application. 


Halifax Bank Account with Debit Card

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  1. Please Ensure That:
    You are at least 18 Years of Age. You are a permanent resident/citizen of the UK. Have ready financial information. Your address and contact details. Monthly subscription Fee is Free.

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Halifax Bank Account

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