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ICE Travellers Cashcard is the way to pay for flights with Ryanair

ICE Travellers Cashcard is the way to pay for flights with Ryanair
Charge free solution to hefty credit and debit card charges

With Ryanair announcing that from 1st January 2010 it will charge £10 for a return trip for customers using Visa Electron as payment for tickets, International Currency Exchange  – is urging travellers to consider the ICE Travellers Cashcard as a solution to pay for low priced airline tickets.

Since the announcement by Ryanair, International Currency Exchange have seen a dramatic increase in applications for the Sterling ICE Travellers Cashcard which will not incur any Ryanair fees from 1st January 2010.

Andrew Hamilton, Head of Marketing for ICE said:

”This news from Ryanair is irritating for consumers who have traditionally been able to use Visa Electron cards for flights without Ryanair charges, which can be as much as £10 per ticket and make a significant difference to the cost of a family holiday.

However, by using the ICE Travellers Cashcard provides a simple solution to avoid Ryanair credit and debit charges. Or any prepaid MasterCard can be used, you simply load the prepaid MasterCard with funds and use it as a charge free payment method for flights. The ICE card is free to obtain, there are no monthly fees and from 2010 there will be no charges when buying Ryanair flights online.”

As well as Sterling (GBP card), the ICE Travellers Cashcard is available in US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) and is accepted at over 28 million ATMs, shops and restaurants in over 120 countries worldwide. Carrying the MasterCard brand, the card is accepted wherever travellers see the logo displayed.

It is also easy to top up online if funds get low, so there’s no need to keep a very high balance on it.  To apply for the ICE Travellers Cashcard, customers need to log on to with their passport or driver’s licence – there is a minimum load of £100 on the ICE Sterling card.

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