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Phones 4 U Card reports record numbers since launch

Since the launch of the Escape debit card by Phones 4 U, the prepaid debit card is reporting record numbers since the launch last year. Most of the phones 4 u prepaid cards are being sold in the Phones 4 u retail outlets but online sales are catching up due to the reduction in cost when purchased online.

If you purchase a Phones 4 u card in one of the retail outlets it will cost you £19.99 which includes a £10 minimum load fee, Where online it is only £9.99 with no minimum load fee.

So why has the Phones 4 u card become more popular than o2 money card

There are several reasons why people are switching from O2 prepaid cards to Phones 4 u debit cards, the first reason is there is no annual restrictions allowing you to use your prepaid debit card as and when you need to and like the o2 prepaid card there are no transaction costs making it ideal to use online. The other reason Phones 4 U have seen a surge in numbers is due to Ryanair launching no charges when you book a Ryanair flight when using a prepaid MasterCard. Where some prepaid card companies charge a percentage or a set usage fee Phones 4 U credit card does not charge saving you more money.

Your Phones 4 U card works like any other regular credit card, topping up your card is free at any local branch and is an ideal way to budget your  money on expenses including lifestyle, shopping and travel.  This card is one of the most accepted cards and it can be used just about anywhere. MasterCards are accepted.

This advanced prepaid credit card can be managed online as well. This gives users access to their accounts from any part of the world.

The Phones 4 u credit card also pay you for shopping online, they have teamed up with hundreds of retailers, cash back can be earned when you purchase goods online through their white label shopping portal, once you have got your prepaid debit card and registered online for their cash back site you can then purchase goods at the normal selling price. By paying for the goods using your phones 4 u card they get rewarded from the retailers and this is passed back to you. All cash back is credited to your prepaid card account for you to spend.

  • Get rewarded for doing the shopping you would do anyway
  • Use your Escape card when shopping
  • Earn up to £60 cash back from some single purchases
  • All your favourite brands, same prices PLUS Cashback

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