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Virgin launches “All Round” Credit Card

The new Virgin Money All Round Credit Card will offer 16 months at 0% on balance transfers and 6 months at 0% on card purchase features.

The new credit card launched by Virgin will also offer its clients low fees and a rate of 15.8% APR to complement the balance transfer length and extended purchase period.

The All Round Credit Card offers 0% interest on balance transfers for 16 months from the date the account is opened, and also a 0% retail introductory period available for six months from the first day of the contract.

To qualify for the 16 month offer, balance transfers will need to be made within the first 60 days of opening the account.

On top of this, the newest Virgin Credit Card includes a 3% cash withdrawal handling fee, with a 4% fee on money transfers. It also has a standard BT fee of 2.89% for transfers made after the first 60 days.

Clients will also be able to benefit from further advantages such as discounted holidays, flights, train travel, wine and one month’s free gym membership.

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Many other companies or financial buildings have launched credit cards recently:

American Express launched the New Platinum cash back Credit Card which aims to reward the long-term loyalty of customers by offering a flat rate of 1.25% cash back on all purchases, and a 2.5% introductory cash back rate for the first three months.

Sainsbury’s Finance launched a new Sainsbury’s Nectar Credit Card which offers 0% introductory offers on balance transfers and purchases.

Santander launched its new 123 cash back Credit Card, which offers 1% cash back on supermarket spending; 2% on department store spending; 3% on fuel spending and an expected average yearly cash back amount of £176.

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