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The Yorkshire Bank Travel Card, being a re-loadable prepaid card endows with a lucrative package in front of the customers. It eminently caters you with a great spending power not only in the high streets, but also throughout the nation and even abroad. It further provides you the opportunity of using your cash in local currency through all the cash machines spread around the world.

What benefits can you get from the Yorkshire Travel card?

With its unique methodology it also firmly resists you to become a spendthrift and leading an extravagant lifestyle. Hence, there hardly occurs any risk of debts, interest charges and unpleasant surprises.

The Yorkshire Travel card is largely available in three major currencies- pound sterling, euro pounds and US dollars. An individual can also get a guaranteed exchange rate for both the Euro pounds and the US dollars whenever the card is being loaded with an appropriate amount. It further provides you with the capability of planning and budgeting for the vacations in advance.

Again, you are entitled to shop from all the retail outlets and supermarkets available worldwide, the only criterion being the Maestro symbol needs to be displayed.

Apart from this, the card being a re-loadable one, you can easily access it for all your traveling and holiday needs for a span of two years.

In addition, by accessing the Yorkshire Bank debit card, you can even recharge your card online. The travel card provides you with utmost flexibility and comfort as you can load from ₤10 to a maximum amount of ₤3,500 into your account.

How to apply?

While applying for a Yorkshire Bank Travel Card, you just need to log in to the official website and need to complete the online application form. And once you are done with all these legal procedures, the card will be delivered to you within ten business days.

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Polly September 17, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

The Yorkshire Bank Travel Card is a great product with reloadable features and I can easily avail cash in local currency 24 hours at atms globally

Amelia September 17, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Yorkshire Bank Travel Card has no burden of being overdrawn,so no risk of debt.i have no interest charges so can in better manage my money.

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