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Tuxedo prepaid card

Tuxedo Pay As You Go Card

The Tuxedo eccount MasterCard is a payment card that can be loaded with money by you or someone else. It looks just like any normal credit or debit card, with a card number, chip and signature strip. But prepaid cards are unlike credit cards, which provide you with a line of credit.

They are also very different from debit cards which are linked to a bank account. This is because you can’t borrow money with a prepaid card – you can only spend the money you have loaded onto it. The eccount MasterCard is a flexible pay as you go MasterCard card.

Why get a Tuxedo pay as you go credit card?

Tuxedo prepaid card is one of the only prepaid cards where you can cash cheques and have your benefits such as child benefit or housing benefits paid directly on to your account making it an alternative to using a bank account. Also with your Tuxedo prepaid card account you earn cash back when using your card online, all cash back is loaded on to your prepaid card account.

Using a prepaid card makes it easy to shop in the high street, on the web, by phone, and by mail order, making life so much easier than using a credit card.

What sort of service do they offer?

Tuxedo prepaid card offer you £5.00 which is loaded on to your account when you first top up. Also if you want to share money you can get a second card Tuxedo card for free.

A PAYG credit card account gives you complete control of your money and how you spend it along with the freedom to buy on-line. You can also check your balance on the Internet or over the phone or use their new text service.

Payment plans and prepaid card benefits

The Tuxedo Prepaid MasterCard is a flexible pay as you go MasterCard card. It can be used at over 28 million retail outlets worldwide and 1.5 ATM machines machines worldwide. There is no credit check to get you prepaid MasterCard where your account balance must not exceed £3000.00 and currently the card is only available in GBP (£).

Who can apply for a Tuxedo card?

The Tuxedo credit card is a Prepaid MasterCard branded card where anyone over the age of 18 years can apply for a Tuxedo card. Online secure application which takes a few minutes to complete, you will require your passport to confirm your identity.

Tuxedo eccount will send you a welcome pack in the post for you to pay via postal order, SMS, credit or debit card or by tuxedo voucher which are sold at PayPoint outlets.

If you would like to make a complaint about your card, contact Customer Services on 0845 241 4278 or you can text them this only applies if you have an account. However if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can write to Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR.

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Guest August 30, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

I’m sorry to start with shouting as I’m quite a reasonable person really, but I have had such awful trouble with Tuxedo that I felt I should find somewhere on the web where I would be able to warn other people about their useless service.

Firstly; topping up the card when it finally arrives is a bit hit and miss -if you put the money in over the counter at a post office then it will be credited pretty instantly. However when I’ve paid stuff in at the bank using all the details they gave me to do so the money didn’t appear at all. I rang them (in India) and they denied all knowledge of the payment being received. I checked again with my bank and the payment had apparently been taken by Tuxedo but not given to me; so, back onto Tuxedo.

They again denied it had been paid in. I was getting quite cross and asked to speak to a superviser – was this the magic word perhaps because the guy at the other end suddenly sounded worried and ‘found’ the deposit straight away. How odd. I might also add that another favourite of Tuxedo phone operators is to tell you that the computer system is down and they can’t look your details up; this has happened several times to me now. Strangely when they forget they’ve told you that they do seem to have access to the net as they were able to look up my local bank details in the UK. They were also able to tell me details about my account when they presumably ‘forgot’ that they were unable to access the account.
Now, I signed up for email alerts to let me know if the account was credited or if money was taken out. These don’t work either – I had £50 paidn into the account last week. The next day an email told me £50 had been withdrawn! And now for the next and perhaps the most serious part – the Tuxedo website where you can check your account hasn’t worked for more than a month. I was therefore unable to check my balance, and thinking there may have been some fraud had to go straight to a cashpoint and take the money out again. Really, the service I’ve had has been terrible and the customer service people either don’t care or don’t know. I would stay away from Tuxedo – I’m not sure of the alternatives but one of the other prepaid cards must be better than this lot.
Incidentally I would have rated them as zero for value and service but could only get a minimum of one star!

carrie3479 August 30, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

I thought as I had a barclays account and tuxedo is apparently part of barclays that when I was in there I would ask them about it ‘never heard of tuxedo .. so that says it all really.

The account is fine if you dont care when money is paid in, not worried about being charged for standing orders being paid in, not able to speak to anyone who makes sense and you dont mind a round trip of the local towns to find a cashpoint that accepts your card.

Overall I am not impressed with tuxedo

KIRKUK March 16, 2011

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

I have had NO problems whatsoever with Tuxedo,my money gets into the account extremely fast either through a Post Office or Barclays….

Baldman2 August 26, 2011

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

I appled for a card and the fee (£9.99) was taken from my account – no card arrived and when I contacted Tuxedo I was told that they could not find my application or payment but they would be happy to take details over the phone at a cost of £9.99. This I declined. I found the call system very slow with lots of “bumf” to keep you waiting and when I got through to some one they said I should call another number. Only to be told to contact the first person again. Finally asked me to email them details of my accoount etc – 24 hours later and still no reply. Am now going through a dispute resplution to reclaim my money.

Jose February 7, 2012

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Most cards do have a small up front fees (such as green dot) most are under ten dollars. The thing to watch out for are the maintinence fees,which are usually in small print somewhere on the card info.These fees can vary from card to card,so read your agreement carefully.Also,there is normally a fee to load them as well,although some do offer direct deposit as long as there is a routing number. One good alternative is a secured card. Many people that cannot or do not want to open a bank account use this route,quite a number of secured cards report to credit agencies, thus building your credit(and who wouldn’t like a boost to their credit score?).You can find a card that fits your needs,most cost 200-300 dollars to open but your money is safe. It is similar to a standard credit card except you put funds up front.it’s still your money though. Then you simply use it like a regular credit card. If you do go this route,just make sure that the card reports as a standard card, if it goes on as secured,it will not help your score. Whatever route you choose to manage your money, please look the whole thing over,even small details. Money is too hard to come by to see it lost to senseless fees that could be avoided.Good luck!!

Darren September 10, 2012

Avoid at all costs- I applied for my card and chose it because it was basically free, the offer at the time was that you pay for the card at £9.95 and once you make your first deposit of £40 then you will be entitled to a £10 refund, well i did the application which was fairly straightforward and was then told to send two texts costing £5 each and then nothing…. no email no text reply nothing!!!! the card eventually arrived by post three weeks later , to be fair the activation and pin retrieval service was quite easy to follow although you do spend a ridiculous amount of time listening to the instructions on the phone and following the prompts , not a cheap telephone call at 10p per minute .
The problems began after a month or so of using the card, i only use the card to top up small amounts for spending on online gambling accounts usually no more than £25 a time, the top ups at the paypoint are easy enough if you can find one that does actually accept the card! the balance on your new e-ccount shows up almost immediately although once you spend on your card the transactions go into a very complicated pending file that never quite tallies up with what you have spent and there is very little detail about what charges are incurred per transaction ,sometime the amount you are charged is different even if your load amount was the same …most times.
On one occasion i topped up routinely went home and checked it had loaded ,this all went well ,i then checked the load was on my e-ccount which it was, all good so far… i then proceeded to my Bwin account to deposit some of the funds ….. transaction declined please contact your card company…
ok so i thought maybe id miscalculated and considering the big chunks of your initial top up that go into charges i thought i;d try again with a smaller amount, i was again shown a box telling me to contact my card company, ok this was getting a bit strange so i logged onto tuxedo and checked what was happening, it turns out the money had left my tuxedo account but not made it to my Bwin account.
Now i was really baffled so i went to sleep and left it for a day or two to settle down and the money would find its way to one account or the other , Nope nothing… now this is only around £25 not big money but it nagged away at me so i checked the FAQ section at tuxedo, not a lot of help just lots of promotion and back slapping about how great a company they are and how brilliantly the deal with they;re many many happy customers. ok i thought id put that to the test so i emailed them..no reply,well not inside the 24-48 hours promised! after a painstaking search i found an actual telephone number on the website which i duly rang and was greeted by another annoying automated service which kept me on the line for no particular reason and directed any complaints to an email address which was spoken so softly and quickly i barely even got the top off my pen never mind wrote any digits down.
back to square one ,i phoned Bwin who were very understanding and helpful and explained that this happens occasionally and they went through each individual transaction i had made and those that were declined they gave me all the information i needed and sent me off to contact tuxedo again.
ok so with some more searching i found that i could get through to an operator by calling tuxedo customer services and pressing 9 after spending another 5 minutes listening to prompts on the automated answer service. i;m getting somewhere i thought to myself
I spoke to the very annoying and very patronising in India basically didnt understand a word i was saying and rattled off his script repeating answers to questions i hadnt asked which had no relevance to my problem
at this point i gave up it was only £25!!

so i got back on the phone and tried again my missus is going to kill me when she sees the phone bill!!

I then spoke to Terry ..argh good English name ,now we’re getting somewhere..


Terry was Mohindas even more annoying and patronising brother!! im sure of it he proceeded to tell me that his system was showing that Bwin had accepted the transaction and they had my money..after i protested he told me to be quiet and to listen to his instructions very carefully.. i was struck dumb i couldnt even get angry it caught me so off guard, so i did as i was told i listened to his instructions , i was to quote an authorisation code to bwin for the transaction in question and have them email tuxedo telling them that they had declined it and then it will appear back in my account in 24-48 hours
ok he was annoying but hey im getting there now so i thanked him and proceeded to bwin to discuss my missing funds armed with my authorisation code for said transaction…

WRONG the code was for a completely different transaction on a different week for a different amount!!! oh Terry how could you get it so wrong…..

Back to Tuxedo ..again god this is getting tedious and its only £25…

F**king my £25 and i want to know where it is WHO’S GOT MY GODAMNED MONEY i dont even want the cash now i just want to know where it went because bwin dont have it ,tuxedo dont have it and i bloody well dont have it… somebody must know where it is

by now my mind is turnign over conspiracy theories about this happening to a million customers and how much interest tuxedo will be accumulating by ‘hiding’ peoples cash top up for a few weeks

ok so now im p**sed i call tuxedo and go ape and its my mate Mohinda again or another mohinda either way hes annoying and patronising as ever i explain the mix up that Terry must have made after our last conversation, i was cut short and told to listen in and listen good…… really… can they talk to me like that , i’m one of they’re thousands of happy customers!!!

i was told that i had two options only i could wait 15 days for the matter to be sorted and if the transaction failed then it would appear back in my eccount or i could again get Bwin to email tuxedo with the authorisation code for the transaction so that they could refund my account with the amount outstanding.

I am currently waiting for the 15 days to be up and i;m hoping that the money will magically reappear in my e-ccount so that i dont have to make any more phone calls to bloody mohinder in India who speaky not much eengleesh

Oh and the £10 refund for topping up with £40 on your first load was a lie, it never appeared and customer services deny all knowledge of this promise depite it being on the final confirmation page where you decide whether to spend the £10 by send two text messages

Phew i needed to get that out of my system

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