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Tesco Internet Saver Account is that very account which gives you instant access to your most valuable fund which you have saved in this account.  You have the advantage and facility of managing your account online, which means you do not have to visit the bank and waste time and energy.  You can very easily sit at your office room and operate your account through your laptop via internet.  This saver account gives you a very lucrative rate of interest of up to 2.60% AER (variable).  You are entitled to receive a bonus interest rate of 1.35% over balance up to £1 million in a single financial year within that bonus period specified by the bank.

This requisite bonus is calculated on the basis of daily cleared funds which are held in your Internet Saver account for the first 12 months after you open your saver account. Bonus interest provided by the bank will be shown separately on your bank statement giving you a clear picture of your earnings. It is credited to your above account on the last business day of March.  The bank has made an important announcement that there will be only one account for each person who is eligible for the relevant bonus. This bonus being offered by the bank may change or withdrawn from the bank without any prior notice. This would be applicable to the new accounts being opened from that time only.

This being the internet or online banking you will be in a solid position to access online your account 7-days a week.  You do not have to wait in the long queue or wait till the bank opens.  You can even access your account at the middle of the night when practically all the banks branches are closed.  You have the fantastic facility of online money withdrawal using the online Banking service.  Tesco Internet Saver Account is thus the most sought after account.

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TRZnight November 25, 2010

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I didn’t believe till I actually used it. With absolute transparency and excellent service, tesco internet saver account has surely a long way to go!

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