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The TeleCash MasterCard Prepaid Card brings alternative cash facilities into reality. It is indeed a payment card with multiple functioning methods coming along with it. In fact anyone would confuse it with the various credit and debit card flooding the market. Having said this, the confusion can easily subside the moment you know that you really do not need to find means to refill the card; any of your close acquaintance can do it for you!

How to use the prepaid card

The card can be made use of in all those conditions when you look for your credit, debit or your MasterCard in your purse or wallet! Being a declared MasterCard you can make purchases through it from retail outlets that recognize the MasterCard logo.

How does it work in actuality?

Each time you hand over your MasterCard, or you make an online payment against specific purchased items, the amount gets deducted from your eccount MasterCard balance. Monetary transaction can be conducted through telemarketing and even through emails.

How to go about applying for your prepaid MasterCard and other facts

Your prepaid card gets issued only after you pay the initial fee of £14.99. Each customer is entitled to owning at least two more additional prepaid cards with the same fee. You need to have £10 in your card account to start off. Each cardholder is empowered to load up to £15,000 in each MasterCard. To summarize the whole of it you can simply load about £30,000 combining both the cards you are allowed to own. The transaction fees charges both in UK and overseas is 20.95%. In order to cancel your existing TeleCash MasterCard Prepaid Card you will have to pay the cancellation fee of £ 10. In addition to all this, your card comes with a validity period of three years.

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Lamont September 15, 2010

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This card can be made use of in all those cases when you look for your credit, debit or your MasterCard in your purse or wallet.

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