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With Santander overdraft current account you get 0% EAR (typical) overdraft for 12 months when you switch to Santander. For twelve months you get an EAR (typical) at 0% and after twelve months you get 12.9% EAR (variable). When you switch to Santander overdraft current account, you pay less for your overdrafts. Along with all the above benefits, we also match your previous overdraft up to £ 5,000 depending upon the circumstances and situations.


As well as enjoying 0% EAR (typical) overdraft for the first 12 months and a very competitive rate after 12 months of just 12.9% EAR typical (variable), you will also have complete access to your account all the times of the day with our internet and phone banking service. You will also have an access to over 1,300 Santander branches. Along with all this, we also have an exclusive offer for your child – once you have opened your new account, if you have a child between the ages 11 and 18 why not open them an account too?  With our Youth Plus Account they will receive a preferential rate of interest of 5.00% AER/4.89% gross (variable) on balances up to £500

So if you want to benefit from these great overdraft rates, remember to make sure you select and complete the Account Transfer Service section in your application form.


You can apply for an overdraft account online instantly. To apply you need to fulfill some requisites. You have to be at least 18 years of age. You must be a citizen of United Kingdom.  To qualify for the rates you have to switch your account to us using our Account Transfer Service. Moreover, pay at least £1,000 every month into your bank account.

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LilPixi November 25, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
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Customer service

An overdraft of up to £ 5000 is just unbelievable. It was just the thing I had always wanted and having it with me is just too good!

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