NT Travelex Cash Passport 2 reviews

NT Travelex Cash Passport puts away all stress and anxiety you might get about managing your funds when out on a pleasure trip. The card helps frequent travelers to accumulate considerable amount of money into their card account prior to forthcoming business and travel trips. Recognized in all the major cities across the globe, your NT Travelex allows easy balance exchanges. Applications are open for permanent UK citizens over 18 years of age.

The fees and tariff details

All customers owning the card will have to pay 2% fee while loading or reloading adequate card balance. This is applicable only in Great Britain. In other parts of the world like in US, Australia and New Zealand, the fee charges are redeemed. You need to keep reloading your card to avoid the monthly inactivity, varying according to your location.

The benefits you can count upon

You can get your NT Travelex in about three day times from the date of application. The card covers all your travel expenses including food and boarding options. The authorities have developed a “global emergency assistance service”. These help cardholders to report about lost and damaged cards and get new replacements at the same time. The low balance SMS indication is yet another additional benefit. This is functional all throughout and you will be able to track down your spending tendencies in the process.

In terms of accessing security measures coming along with your card, NT Travelex delivers the best. This would include alerting the customer about card hacking and irregular transactions made during cash withdrawal. Apart from this, the card is equipped with chip and pin technology to ensure that your personal details stay protected from preying cyber phishes. It is interesting to note that NT Travelex Cash Passport is creating new human benefit projects and your card usage aids them in doing so. 0.4% off your purchases contributes in making these projects achieve the pinnacle of success.

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Hottie September 20, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

The NT Cash Passport being a prepaid Mastercard® currency card,it really helps in spending matters of my travel money in a safe and secure way.

Steady September 20, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

The card is a prepaid Mastercard® currency card with great benefits like secured travel transactions and helping me support my theatrical soul unleash with Discover Programme.

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