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The NexPay Prepaid MasterCard is generally a customized solution catered exclusively to NexEurope Distributors and Nexagen of United States of America. This whole program allows the distributors to receive payments directly into their Prepaid MasterCard, manage it online and even transfer the funds to all the NexPay customers accessing the same currency.

Details of the fees:

The NexPay Prepaid MasterCard never charges any fee for checking the balance and transactions online. However, an individual needs to pay an ATM fee of a minimal amount of ₤1.50 for all kinds of cash withdrawals from his/her account in UK. The rate enhances to £2.25 in the foreign countries.  Again, for over the counter cash advance you will be charged with ₤4.00 both within and outside of UK.

What benefits can you expect from the NexPay MasterCard?

An individual can certainly use this prepaid MasterCard at over one million cash machines and 27 million retail outlets, displaying the registered MasterCard acceptance symbol all over the world. You can even use it while shopping online, restaurants, cinema halls and even in your telephone. However, before enjoying all of these privileges, a person must be aware whether an appropriate amount of fund is loaded in his/her card or not.

Again, once the validity of your MasterCard gets expired, you won’t be able to access it any more. The Nexpay MasterCard is not at all a credit card and there hardly exists any linkage with your bank account. Hence, there arises no question of earning interests on any funds that has been loaded on your prepaid MasterCard.

Due to the gradual emergence of cyber crime and various internet frauds, providing an effective means of security has become chiefly essential. Keeping in note of this contemporary scenario, the NexPay Prepaid MasterCard through its active fraud monitoring technology resists all of these illegal activities in firm hands.

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Azrailra September 14, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

NexPay Prepaid MasterCard gives me the chance to keep away from my bank. And they don’t ask money when I want to make a balnce query.

GreyGrr September 14, 2010

Application process
Fees & charges
Functions & features
Customer service

Checking balance for free, buying stuff online, even you can pay for your movie tickets with NexPay Prepaid MasterCard. Paying bills through it at ease.

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